Monday, September 8, 2008

Science Cafe at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Science Café is an informal speaker series on scientific topics, led by an expert. The series stimulates discussions in the arts and sciences; encourages open, easy-to-understand conversation exploring scientific topics and interdisciplinary interactions. We choose topics, formats, and speakers that will:
  • Spark conversations across and beyond the Cal Poly community;
  • Create an ambiance that is relaxing and stimulating;
  • Foster a spirit that is open, friendly, and inclusive; and
  • Create opportunities for student participation.

Series Descriptions
Point/counterpoint or paired featured speakers (e.g. from Cal Poly and from community/elsewhere; different perspectives on similar topic)

A brief event, single featured speaker with Q&A

Conversation brewed quarterly:
Informal group meetings of book/reading groups, journal clubs, or other groups that meet to share their ideas about the work of writers, scientists, artists, and technologists.

High Octane Science:
Local and nationally known scientific personalities talk about their research with Q&A.

More information on the launch of Cal Poly's Science Cafe will be posted soon.